Luke Combs is Kicking Off 2019

Five years before, state singer Luke Combs was only hoping to get by. He had been attending college in North Carolina, working two jobs, living in an apartment over a pub and driving a 2000 Dodge Neon. He was also planning to make the decision to Nashville to record his first EP.

On New Year’s Day, the rising country star debuted a brand-new song called”Every Little Bit Helps” to observe a landmark with just one million Instagram followers.

A loyal fan from Maine made a decision to converse at Luke and state his disappointment that there are no tickets available for his forthcoming show in Bangor, Maine.

Now purged of holiday names, the Billboard country charts have more returnees this week in relation to a fifth-year class . To be exact, 17 records have come back to action.

Luke Combs is kicking off 2019 with just one million Instagram followers along with a brand-new song. The country singer suggested a wager to enthusiasts on New Year’s Eve when he found he was three million Instagram followers short of attaining a million.

Just prior to the end of 2018, Luke Combs promised to play with a new song for lovers if they might push him beyond one million followers on Instagram.

“Every Little Bit Helps” may nevertheless maintain its own raw, unfinished state now but it’s likely that may be shifting: Combs additionally notes he’ll be heading into the studio at 2019 to capture some new songs, presumably to the followup to his introduction This One’s for You (and its own deluxe variant This One’s for You Too).

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